Salsa y mas tous les samedis


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  1. What a lovely and generous gift, Tara! I’m so happy to have been led here by the reverb10 project, and look forward to tapping into your wisdom & insights as the year unfolds. The day after you commented on my “White Space” blog post, I opened a book of Kay Ryan poems to read “Leaving Spaces.” Another solid affirmation of my vision for 2011! Donna[]

  2. Ao abrir hoje dia 9 de julho ,dia em que completo 68 anos bem vividos ,Graças ao bom DEUS ,fiquei feliz ao ver sua mensagem no dia do amigo porque assim aprendo mais alguma coisa…Geraldo,amigo,vivendo e aprendendo,muito bom ter te conhecido.Grande abraço.Nivaldo.

  3. Some shadows missing on both versions here and there, with some extra almost unnoticable lighting on the PS3 (first few shots). theres just nothing in it these days. Console choice now coming down to what you want in regards to media capabilities. Too little too late for PS3 though. I think we will see the tables turn next gen…….VN:R_U [1.9.17_1161](from 9 votes)

  4. Can I just say how much I’ve enjoyed reading your comments? Each one of you has given me something to think about and has made great points. I will definitely have to do a follow up post after being at home during maternity leave (I plan on taking the full 12 weeks). I’m excited to see how it goes! Of course I’m just plain excited period, mostly for him to get here – the countdown is on, only 64 days until my due date (or nine weeks, depending on how you look at it). Single digit weeks!!

  5. agdi patla tumcha mhanna ….may be tyach karnane anna hajare tyachya sobat pudhe sarakle nahit…….pan ek vichar karnya sarkhi goshta aaheaaplya kade ek Army officer select karayla 5 diwsacha SSB interview ghetat , IAS IPS IFS cha selection etka kasun kela jata ….(hi goshta vegli ki etka test karun pan corrupt lok select hotat kahi vela )mag deshachya parliment madhye janarayanach ka konti test nahi ….ethe tar laj sharam vikun khalele gunda pravruttiche lok pan chaltat

  6. OoO I agree! It would be sad if ING falls out of the top ten. Josie if David’s friends don’t mention his song by release date I feel we can tweet them! Where are the fans? I know people are on vacation but I’m sure they can find time to leave comments at ology. Wonder if Kari would join David up? That would give him lots of points. She did tweet about the contest….

  7. Hei.Håper dagen har vært fin. Bare synd at streiken ble avblåst akkurat i dag. Håper ikke den måtte vite p.g.a. det.Herlige barnebilder. Kjenner deg igjen selvom det er 20 år og mer siden. Du var nok en liten skøyer, tenker jeg.Tusen takk for utfordringen. Tenkte å takke deg med en Award hos meg. Lykke til.Klem fra Mona C

  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Gillard has been at pains to never make any positive statements about gay relationships. She gives me the impression that she is always carefully prioritising the courting of a conservative segment of the voting population. Abbott may be clumsy, but he somehow manages to appear much warmer on gay rights issues, his own opposition to gay marriage notwithstanding. Gillard should watch her “cold opportunist” mien, but as “cold opportunist” appears to be the “real Julia” she probably can’t change it. Bring back K Rudd!

  9. ola tengo una pregunta para el administrador de Coiros, primero felicitarlo por este magnifico sistema de multinivel. Estoy haciendo un blog especialmente para afiliar a personas pero quiero incentivarlos con obsequios digitales si se registran a través de mi pagina y quiero saber si esto incumple alguna norma de su programa de referidos por lo que observe en las condiciones no hay nada que lo contradiga.Espero su pronta respuestaSALUDOS…..A Favor o En contra: 0  0

  10. Craig – How to take photos as good as yours!It has been so long since I was first interested in photography. I took it as a elective in high school every year. But now with everything digital I dont even know where to begin. So I would need alot more then just 1 thing. My biggest problem was always trying to understand f-stop settings.

  11. … Joyce Carol Oates and some gal on Huffington Post are arguing that Kopechne's life was "worth it" for Teddy's Senate Career.They just can't get out of the SWPL bubble."Joyce Carol Oates??? Good Lord, color me out of touch but is she still alive? Still writing her melancholy little in-touch-with your-inner-most-self novels?

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